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  • Vanity Fair Lingerie by Mark Shaw

    As Irving Penn, he will have, during his 47 years of life, pictured a past time, its codes and celebrities. Picasso, Chanel, Bardot, Hepburn, Saint-Laurent or the Kennedy. Known for the latter’s portraits, Mark Shaw is originally sent by LIFE before he becomes their unofficial photographer. In 16 years of collaboration with the magazine, he gets 27 covers and deals with more than one hundred stories, among which the european fashion events. By the way, he shots the shows as the backstage, unveiling so the folklore and the humanity of an appearances world, hold and pined. Until his death, in 1969, he makes commercial images, on posters or movies, as the famous advertising campaign for Vanity Fair‘s lingerie. Shaw was one of the firsts to use color and his work has been several times awarded. -

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